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Genuine NATO bands made to spec for the MOD

NATO - G10 bands from UK - Kevlar - CLASPS - <br>g shock adaptors RAF www bund
NATO BANDS - These bands are imported directly from the UK - no one else sells them in the US - others are copies - these are made to the specifications of the British Ministry of Defence one size fits all colors are shown - ask for other colors and sizes besides the standard 18, 20 and 22mm. These bands can be gotten wet, will not rot and are very strong. Pricing the basic colors are 18.00 each + shipping and the 007 Bond band is 18.00 in 18 mm and 21.00 in 20 mm and 22 mm - for more specifics please email. Measure your watch carefully I do not have a listing of all watch lugs - NO tools required to place these straps. CLICK ON THUMBNAILS BELOW TO SEE MORE ITEMS