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BOND Phoenix Straps

BOND Phoenix Straps

Product Description

the bond band story is that when the movie goldfinger was made sean connery was wearing the rolex sub of the day which was not as broadly sold then as now and thought of as a hot watch but the set designer wanted more than a bracelet or leather on a watch and asked phoenix strap of the uk who had made colorful regimental straps for british regiments for 2 generations to make what is now the bond strap in alternating black and grey stripes. the lug on the rolex was 20 mm - strap material was 18 so if you look carefully on a dvd of the movie you will see when bond lights his cigarette and the light shows on the watch there is a little of spring bar showing. today this band is available at for a very reasonable price in 18, 20 and 22 mm..