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Phoenix UK Nato - Camou/Camy Straps

Phoenix UK Nato - Camou/Camy Straps

Product Description

I have been getting requests from people by email to have a camou ( or camy ) band that is a G10 style and quality and not Army and Navy store stuff that frays or tears or is cotton. They want to wear it and wear it rough, swimming, hunting, fishing or on duty or in active service. So our Supplier to the MOD in the UK has come through for us again after some pleading with and OUTSTANDING CAMOU band. The colors are vibrant but not flashy and the band is made as a true G10. Available in 18, 20 and YES also 22mm which is shown in the photo. Yes it is a Sandy 650 and the band gives it a whole new look. Cost is 18.00 for 18 & 20 and 21.00 for 22mm + shipping - No one else is selling these in the US - if you wish to order please contact me. At this time they are in stock.