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DRYSUIT Dive Diver Diving Computer Watch band 17 in LONG

DRYSUIT Dive Diver Diving Computer Watch band 17 in LONG

Product Description


PADI instructors, Law Enforcement. Military, Dry Suit, Search and Rescue ( SAR ) If you do not dive You may want this for your FLYING jumpsuit. But if you dive and you do not read this you are missing out On one of the newest things for DRYSUIT diving in a long time. The days are gone when you have to strap your dive computer unsafely with 2 straps and a connector. ( if you attach it to your reg may not apply to you) Here is a strap 17 INCHES LONG yes it can be cut to any length so You guys with very large arms - your strap is here Or if dry suiting it - your strap in stock. TWO colors and TWO sizes with matte/satin 316L stainless ANTI-magnetic hardware for secure attachment. It comes in International Rescue or Coast Guard Orange or Black your choice. 20 and 22 mm - shown here in 22 mm The price for this specialty item is only $21.00 + shipping the best Deal out there yet. Email to order items are in stock. This watch is not for sale - it belongs to a customer and was custom made for him.