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20 - Dec - At last the all German made 1000 meter diver with 5 mm sapphire crystal has landed and is for sale this is a watch for every man who wants the MOST rugged watch at a price that is impossible to beat. It is my way of thanking my customers both past and present for their friendship and business.

13 Dec - not too late for the holidays the new watch has arrived from Germany - it is an incredible watch and in many ways a watch for everyman - hope to post it with photos this week thanks for your patience

2 Nov - Only 1 black and one white dial mueller style left if you want one for the holidays now is the time to buy there will be no more. Progress on new watch is good sample due any day will report more when available

1 Oct - sorry for lack of news but much time is spent preparing a new watch to debut in Nov or Dec that will knock your socks off - details to follow with photos when ready. The mueller style is seeling quickly and there will be no more

7 Aug - In speaking with O &W a very popular watch has been found in the vault - 6 pieces of the 620 Muller style exploding numbers the price is a giveaway and the quality superb it is shown on page 2 and there are 3 black dial and 3 white dial.

15 July - sadly the ETA 2801 m0ovement is in short supply so we have sold out of the coin edge 120 watch - sweet watch at a sweet price - hope to have them again?

7 June - As you know the Maratac nato G10 has been selling at a low price since its inception but recently the price of fuel, transport and the shellacing the dollar has taken made the supplier increase the price more than we would have liked - perhaps what it is worth so now it will sell against the fakes and poor quality wannabes for a fair market price sorry we could not keep this going forever

12 May - As some of you have noticed inventory has dropped I am happy to tell you that more M-4 and also explorer style will be in stock by the end of the month - feel free to email with your requests thank you

25 Mar - Prices sadly in all sectors go up - Japan the oil cartel etc - this affects swiss watches too and changes across the board in our offerings - we wish we could hold them stable

24 Jan - The K-2 has officially been accepted by customers as an outstanding value hard to keep in stock glad Mr Wajs could provide something new

23 Dec - Another holiday special is the K-2 Ranger based with 2824-2 and straightforward I am a watch dial for special price through Jan 1 these have been selling well

12 Dec - the 2801 manual A-120 was too big a hit it sold out everywhere and there are no movements left so the new watches coming from O & W are a bonus - the manual look with a 2824-2 hacking movement and a date at 3

5 Nov - we now have the new 120-2824-2 O & W in stock and it is a winner in time for the holidays as a gift for you or someone else affordable and smart looking not cheap for the price Als if you never knew where to keep your new Ipod Nano we have a place for you - on your wrist see it under the menu for Zulu bands - thanks

1 Oct- Well our friends from ESQUIRE magazine have once again chosen to use this site to show something in their fashion section in the November issue - I sent some photos but it seems they had their eyes and minds set on the Maratac bands in place of steel for those seeking an alternative it is on their page 66 of this month's issue I had wanted to demonstrate some of the Zulu® line so maybe they will next year Thanks Esquire.................................

4 Aug- The A-120 has been successfully received for its excellent fit and finish and the very fair price for a genuine Swiss ETA movement runnung inside. Now as always Mr Wajs has bumped it up a bit by offering the same watch for people who do not want manual wind but auto with a 2824-2 engine instead and also a calendar at 3:00 - have a look I think it might be the ticket for some of you

2 May- Hi there sorry we are not updating as we should the good news is we have a feature item the THIN BLUE LINE Maratac zulu band - altho anyone can wear it - we are making it available esp for Police, Law Enforcement and First Responders since it has a special meaning for them another great strap for daily use

13 Feb - Look on page 1 for a PVD marine diver Pan-like look for 625 and not 10k - if you like the look it is a well done piece - sorry one only

1 Feb - New shipment from Switzerland expected next week Finally changed the " Thought for the day" sorry to see our Gunner go but this is more timely - enjoy

14 Jan - for those of you who are true collectors of even starting to collect military watches - the ccw-113 if a wonderful piece to have and is disappearing from the market day by day as people realize this - so if you have a make or a date you are interested in please email me and I shall see if I have your wish watch on my list of recently acquired cc-113's

11 - Jan - Sorry we have not had a lot of news with the holidays people were not sure if they should spend or not Funny thing about watch prices is they go up but never come down - Well the latest is the new WOW watchband from Maratac. This is a tough and yet sharp looking no nonsense band composite in construction and althoug 24 mm it fits 20, 22 and 24 mm watches giving the nice broad band look on the arm regular bands cannot do - they come in colors as you can see on page one and the zulu page and have a non-scripted really nice stainless buckle so it can be worn with any watch - have a look you will love it


23 DEC - We have had requests to change the hands on the Night Pilot from O & W and have chosen a sharp looking arrow hand set - of course watches are repressure tested

6 DEC - WestCoastime update overdue sorry - I have some one of a kind watches on the site like the bubble that looks like the corum - just got in a new supply of Nightpilot watches these are very popular. First new arrival of WCT date precision with sword hands also arrive and work beautifully. Have 2 ONLY Marathon CSAR watches - the biggest watch around and unique US gov issue see it on page one. Fully stocked on straps for needs and great stocking stuffers or a quick fix to maile to someone who is deployed watchbands get smelly after a while get them a new one!

6 Oct - Illness in the family has prevent this column from being updated - sorry - service is back on track and thank you for your support. O & W has some new tricks we will show you - the new Kobra watch from the Cougar family and the new MP 2824 now in sapphire crystal not mineral glass hope to post other good news soon. Prices of course continue to rise from everyone - do not be deceived remember wer supply a warranty at no added charge to O & W and we do ship worldwide in spite of a few other dealers out there we are dedicated to O & W customers.

29 Apr - Now you can see the NEW Kartargo with and w/o date in a brand new case with hi polish bezel - only 50 made of this lot and the choice is yours while they last. The price has gone up - small quantities along with all the economic world disaster and fuel hi prices hit the watch industry too and the Swiss are not shy about raising their prices - we keep it as low as we can. We hope for those of you who have asked for this watch will be pleased - we have some in stock to fill immediate orders thank you

30 Apr - Starting next week the first of 50 pieces of the A-2 or E-2 Explorer with polished bezel fresh from Switzerland from O & W mad for WCT as an exclusive will be on sale on the site - with new KARTARGO 3-6-9 dials with or w/o date - a regular Kartargo can be made to order in less than 2 weeks if desired - price will be posted on the site with the photos of the watch - If you ever wanted and explorer but did not want to spend 4850 or the watch was too small here is a real option for so much less - see you soon.............

10 - Feb - ESQUIRE MAGAZINE March 2008 issue page 90 WestCoasTime is there showing bond and a regimental band at the request of the editors - nice of them and for their readers

2 - Feb - I came across a small cache of some post Viet Nam war mil watches MIL-W-46374B most were made after the war and serve as MINT examples of these watches - nothing to fix or replace - ideal if your original needs a transplant just take the back off and use one of these and you have a new watch - currently selling on Ebay will fill order from this site if you email

21 - Jan - Well this is an update no one likes - like everything you buy prices are creeping up - do not be misled by other advertizers of O & W watches unless they have old stock - they do not - my O & W watches come with a 1 year warranty almost always and theirs do not - so when you take the price and add the warranty cost not to mention 3 times the shipping beware of bargains - that are NOT

28 - Dec - for those of you who want the new polished explorer like Kartargo with the MK dial buy now - the new dial is coming the old style and there will be no more of the MK - do not confuse this watch with the watch made by Bill Yao these are 2 completely different watches.

1 - Dec JUMBO is the way this watch newly added on page one as the JSAR can be described it is really BIG 46.6 mm in diam w/o crown wieghing in a 5.3 oz ! the is another production of Marathon watch that makes watches more interesting by the day see it and make sure you can wear it before you order it. Limited supply each has a unique serial no

15 - Nov The new Kartargo/ Explorer style is here - at a price anyone can afford for a great watch see it on page 1 it has a custom cut case, crystal and dial - sure to be the thing many people would like to see on their wrist

4 - Nov The MP 2801 which of course has an eta 2801 movement and sapphire crystal and is an outstanding buy for a swiss watch - has been made in a limited edition of 100 pieces with a special dial to answer the many requests for a branded dial - this has always been sterile - this is worldwide not just my stock only 100 pieces - the price remains so reasonable one wonders if O & w has lost touch with the economy - it is their way of saying thank you

27 - Oct Stunning is the only word to desecribe the new NachtPilot or night pilot 42 mm in diam watch O & W has just come out with - sapphire of course and a unique carbon fiber dial to minimize glare! Crisp hour markings and good luminescence - this is one great watch worth every dollar.

14 - Oct The last release of 50 pieces of the Fleiger 7733 by O & W is out now and the Arabic dial many people have wanted and not the baton style first out is here and ready to ship see it on page 1 For customers who read this and have wanted a SAR please email me for special pricing for October only.

13 - Oct better late than never - finally the NEW BIG 44mm O & W chronograph is posted on page one with a full description that should answer most questions for the most inquisitive viewer - yes it is over $1000.00 and in short supply - but an amazing watch

14 - Sept - Good news the new S-Stripe Zulu bands and the new Bond bands are now in stock and fantastic see them on the Zulu page great quality and terrific looks. Also in the next week we will have a brand NEW large size chronograph all new design from Ollech and Wajs this a real piece of work - must see

Aug - 26 JUST one NEW panerai look alike in Azur Blue dial I do not know of anyone who has this and bet Panerai will make them when they see how great this looks - sorry only this one in stock no backorders

Aug - 24 SORRY the KARTARGO and E2/M2 are sold out - there will be no more - a new model is in the making that will be an exclusive offered by WESTCOASTIME made by Ollech and Wajs of Switzerland. If you want one since there will be only a limited edition of 50 pieces please email NOW and ask that you name be on the list to be notified when ready. . The price of this watch will be 325-425 and stunning This watch is GUARANTEEED to be as described. READ THE SHORT HISTORY OF CARTHAGE READ DOWN BELOW THIS LINE…………………………..

Aug -21 The 3rd Defender of an edition of 25 is sold - given the economy I do not expect people to buy watches that fast - this will be the last edition the making of the metal bezel alone is prohibitively expensive.

Aug - 2 - Yes the Maratac Nato bands in all colors and sizes are in stock NOW do not wait as last time when there was a massive sell out something we never have seen perhaps the quality and the price of only 12.00 per strap had something to do with it?

Apr-4 Tax season will slow down our response time till the 15th be patient with us - the most popular seller has been the 3077 and the orange version is a winner. People are more than pleased with it - same continues to be true for the Mirage III Chronograph - whose price has not changed for a bit and is a great competitor with the Sinn 103 -

Mar - 18 Carbon Fiber bands have been selling well altho not Hirsch - excellent quality and the price is not Hirsch either - all Hirsch bands are now made in China!

1 Jan - Effective this date we are now an AUTHORIZED dealer for SEIKO and PULSAR wrist watches - find a style you like at your local store or on the net and we shall try to beat that price - these are genuine Seiko current stock with International Warranty issued in the US - Other Seikos shown in another part of the site that are vintage are not supplied by Seiko.

22 May - one new MarkII Yao-WCT Benrus Type I posted to show the great dial and hand work sure to sell quickly

The Addition of the M-16 watch to the site with Tritium vials and an ETA Swiss movement waterresist to 200 feet

so items are listed in limited numbers - feel free to email with questions. If you have a particular watch you are looking for of any type NEW or Vintage please ask. Thank you and come back again soon TO DO that bookmark this site now!

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