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Hi, I have been trading watches on the Internet and Ebay since 1996. I have many good friends as a result and some people are just nice customers.

If you need a reference due to your concern as a first-time buyer on the Internet that is understandable - just send an email and tell me where you live and I will try to give you someone in your city, state or country where you are who knows me.

Over this time I have networked with the most honest and best sellers on the net and we work together to bring you what you want even if you do not see it on my pages ask for it. Just send an email - I want you back as a client. WestCoasTime has always provided top customer service not because it is the right think to do but because it is how I would like to be treated. Remember as an old internet saying goes you are buying your seller not just the watch. Customer service also does not stop at the sale we are here to support our products for repair and warranty later. Thank you for your interest and feel free to ask questions if you cannot find the answer on one of the "buttons" at your LEFT BORDER, then click one of the buttons in the TOP PANEL. I look forward to serving you. Contact Us at:

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