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Kevlar-style Watch Bands

There are 2 different types of kevlar-style watch bands - those with leather backing for comfort and the office with a rugged but very attractive exterior - started in use by Breitling but at outrageous prices and now available for as little as 23.00 a piece. NOT ALL these bands are MADE THE SAME beware of inferior products - ask questions - The OTHER kevlar-style band is th ALL waterproof band of woven kevlar - great for divers, rough situations and a sporty look - it can look at home on a Blancpain or Rolex too - it all depends on taste. This is 29.00 + shipping. Email for photos on your specific watch I have a good library to give you a look see before you buy. Size is regular to long No XL sorry - comes with tang stainless buckle at no added charge but recommend the stainless clasp also shown on the page by clicking BACK here and looking. Thank you. Please note Kevlar-style comes also in blue, red, yellow and brown - please email for photos of these colors to see how vibrant they can be and change the look of your watch. SIZE: most come in 18mm and 20 mm and black in 22 mm - inidcate size when writing please. Disclaimer: suppliers call these bands Kevlar no chemical analysis has been performed by me or anyone I associate with on these materials these are watch bands and not for personal ballistic protection