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Loupe Magnifier for Watches and watch movements

Loupe-Magnifier for Watches and watch movements
As part of examining a watch, even if you do not plan to open one, it is always a good idea to have a loupe or magnifier available dedicated to Looking at a watch that is why they sell like crazy at watch shows people realize they need one. If you look at the movement you need a large magnification. For most external work 2x 3x is plenty since the higher you go in magnification the closer you have to be. For movements some people prefer 10x. These loupes are comfortable and are held in place by your eyebrow and lid leaving your hands free to handle the watch. Superb optics for diamonds and such would cost $49-79.00 and up. These serve well are clear with good optics and last in my experience. The cost for One is 10.95 plus shipping When ordering this item mention Item: MAG and tell me if you need an outside loupe or one for movements.