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General Purpose watch US Military

Luminova Gen Purp Watch
Please note: Well we told you several months back that this watch might be changed since efforts on the part of Marathon were to go toward supplying troops in the war effort in Iraq. NOW there are NO more to be had - when these are sold - they are GONE So the watch has remained pretty unchanged except as of Aug 03 the "Maraglo" Basic Field Watch WATCH WRIST: GENERAL PURPOSE MIL-spec WW 194009- GS-14F-0027k Manufactured May 2001 now has broader, larger and easier to read hands and the needle tips are gone. All NEW This was genuine basic issue until last year for a U.S. Government GSA contract that had highly specific requirements. This watch had to be used in SENSITIVE ENVIRONMENTS FOR NON-RADIOACTIVE LIGHT SOURCES…….As you know most mil watches use Tritium paint or vials. In place of that material this watch uses LUMINOVA. This is a propietary material that is NON-RADIOACTIVE ( safe for children as well as adults) that is applied by a special baked on process that takes THREE steps. This is the watch YOU NEED – for you – you child – SO affordable and very very accurate But, if there is damage or you tire of it there is so little lost. This is an excellent watch for Law enforcement, active duty and reserve personnel, security and people who are active And want a “beater” watch they do not need to worry about. For night use it is unbeatable with its LUMINOVA PAINT at each hour marker AND ON THE HANDS the brilliance is incredible. Since Luminova is not radioactive Marathon the US Government supplier of military watches states this does not break down with age. This is not a BIG watch. Slips in any pocket for instant changeover in a situation where the nice watch you are wearing Does not have to take the beating. I have friends in law enforcement who use this watch – they get called or are on duty throw the Rolex in the draw and strap this on or keep it in their kit or duffle. This watch is HACKING for time synchronization, It has an Excellent Swiss Quartz movement with a battery that can be found anywhere watch batteries Are sold and changed with a dime and no tools – it lasts 2 years.The cost is only 128.00. This is perfect for the traveler. These days who does not want to take an expensive watch on vacation – one less worry. Fiberglass/composite case and acrylic crystal. Nylon issue strap. Water resistant to 3 ATM. – SIZE: 34mm in diameter and 11mm thick with 16mm lugs. this is an as is ebay auction please ask questions before you buy.******** Water resistant to 3 ATM. Refer to ITEM no. LUM-Y