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Maratac™ made James Bond Band 007 matte ss buckle

Maratac™ made James Bond Band 007 matte ss buckle

Product Description

NATO BOND BANDS by MARATAC - Yes the Maratac single color bands were featured in the Nov 2010 issue of Esquire magazine page 66. These bands are not the bands we have sold for 10 year from the UK - no one else sells them in the US - others are copies - However there has been a call for stainless steel non-magnetic hardware but like to wear this style of band........... these are made to higher specs sizes 18mm or 20mm (22mm size is no longer available). The hardware will not flake or peel. These bands can be gotten wet, will not rot and are very strong. Pricing the basic colors are 18.00 each + shipping CONUS Measure your watch carefully I do not have a listing of all watch lugs - NO tools required to place these straps.

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