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Marathon Navigator composite case NOS


Product Description

This is for the watch case ONLY – it includes front crystal and steel back as shown – there is NO crown This is sold to refurbish your Marathon Navigator see the identification on the Steel back – if it does NOT match yours do NOT buy it will not fit – date on the case is not an issue………..

Because the case is a nylon/reinforced composite material it is very durable but if subjected to rough use as on your watch it may get badly scratched and The numbering on the 2nd time zone dial may be gone – so if you change out the movement and dial from yours into this genuine new one NOS from Marathon – to appearance you will have a new watch – you must have the crown and stem too. Not a bad deal for the price since these watches when Available are selling in 2014 for 227.00 usd and up.

Be sure of the numbers there are no returns or exchanges – if you cannot do The changeout make sure you know someone who will do it for you.

Shipping in the US is 4.50 and worldwide is about 8.00 us mail. Paypal and Other methods accepted.