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British ROYAL NAVY Diver - genuine

British ROYAL NAVY Diver - genuine
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Product Description

This is the Royal Navy issue wristwatch from the UK with official ordinance markings on the back. This watch is new and unused. As is typical of diving watches it has NO date aperture. It comes equipped with an issue G10 Nato gray band and the battery in it is new. This watch sells for almost 640.00 + 50.00 shipping!!!!! from the only British supplier on the net and is available while in stock for 585.00 usd + (less than 16.00) shipping. This is a heavy rugged watch. Very few people have questions about this watch since they know they want it - they just did not know they could get it in the US and not have to deal with and pay US Customs too ( I did that) This is 42mm in diameter without the crown or guard and 46 mm lug-to-lug. It is 12 mm thick and is GENUINE - no fakes or replicas sold ever on this site. CWC on the dial stands for Cabot Watch Company who has made this watch since the 60's for the British Naval forces. The black bezel is uni-directional and racheting. The case is polished as it should be - NOTE this is not the SBS model that is all black do not confuse the two they are 2 separate watches. This is a very handsome watch on the wrist in this world of Seikos and Rolexes. As with real mil watches this has fixed rigid bars NOT spring bars so you can use the Nato strap or buy a nice leather open ended strap and apply it - these fine leather straps primarily by Hirsch are available under my Accessories section if you wish to look. Please refer to Item CWC-RND when ordering. Shipping depends on delivery address in the home page menu. Please refer to item CWC-RN when ordering or asking questions. Thank you