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A watch for all occasions

The Ollech & Wajs Kartargo - SOLD OUT on special request custom only
Ollech and Wajs of Switzerland memorializes this City of WARS and soldiers in a military style watch the affordable KATARGO. This is an automatic NO batteries a fine swiss movement that does not need winding. The is an all stainless steel watch suitable for diving to 200m or for daily use in the office or on the golf course. A watch with a tremendous history with one word!!!!!! This watch runs on the tough world reknowned ETA 2824-2 movement with calendar date at 3:00 and quickset. It is automatic and never needs winding – this is not quartz. It has a ratcheting very good looking snug bezel to time your daily battles and a sweep second hand to time the salvos of a 3 minute egg or whatever. Sapphire crystal set into this ALL Stainless steel watch with screw back case has all pertinent information on it. The screw down crown means you are ready for 200 ft depth and the showers. Superluminova markers are new and bright. Diameter is 39.5 mm w/o crown like a sub The crown is a LOCK DOWN crown ready for action and it comes ready for your everyday battles on a stainless steel solid link bracelet with flip lock clasp that will fit a size 8 wrist with and adjustable clasp for a little more room!!! Of course it can be sized down to - to a small wrist as the links are removable. This watch only comes with a SAPPHIRE crystal; when ordering refer to ITEM no. KART-14S. The price of this watch is ON request custom made not stocked anymore anywhere This watch is GUARANTEEED to be as described.


Carthage = Katargo The Punic Wars and the Decline of Carthage In the 3d cent. B.C. Rome challenged Carthage's control of the W Mediterranean in the Punic Wars (so called after the Roman name for the Carthaginians, Poeni, i.e., Phoenicians). The first of these wars (264-241) cost Carthage all remaining hold on Sicily. Immediately after the First Punic War a great uprising of the mercenaries occurred (240-238). The growth of Carthaginian power again activated trouble with Rome, and precipitated the Second Punic War (218-201). Although the Carthaginian general was the formidable Hannibal, Carthage was finally defeated, partly by the Roman generals Quintus Fabius Maximus Rullianus (see under Fabius) and Scipio Africanus Major, and partly by the fatal division of the leading families in Carthage itself, which prevented Hannibal from receiving proper supplies. The 3rd Punic War (149-146 B.C.), which ended with the total destruction of Carthaginian power and the razing of the city by Scipio Africanus Minor. It was never rebuilt. Little remains today of this city except for some graveyards, baths, aqueducts and ruins left by the Romans .