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Ollech & Wajs NOS Early Bird true 24 hour watch

O & W Early Bird
“M1002 EARLY-BIRD - A sturdy 17-jewel hand wound 24-hour army watch also used by US soldiers during the Vietnam war. 100% Swiss made. This is a quote taken from the manufacturer of this watch Ollech & Wajs of Switzerland at $690 direct ( SEE OUR PRICE BELOW). Please note: O & W has NO more of these watches when they are gone they are GONE as of FEb 2003.

But the price is far less than 620.00 they advertise and one well know mil site has them for 1625!!!!! Now the ones that remain will be sold as EITHER - 1 - AS IS or 2 - cleaned oiled, timed and new gaskets - your choice please indicate when emailing....... This watch has now achieved COLLECTIBLE STATUS – TRY to FIND ONE - they are scarce -This is NOS = new old stock - has been on the shelf almost 35-40 years from the original supplier - NEVER sold - unworn - history in a time capsule. This is a good size WATCH -------------- VIET NAM period as used in Viet Nam by American forces- made from 1967-1970….. This watch was purchased by many guys in Nam IN PLACE OF their own ISSUE watches (known as Mickey Mouse ) due to the EASY TO READ MILITARY NUMBERED DIAL FROM 1-24 HOURS ! had a friend in Nam who bought this watch (not this one) but, this one is NOT a watch that saw action - *** SIZE: this is 37.5 mm in diameter------ and BIG 47.5 mm lug-to-lug – *********** B I G……….***SPECS: bi-directional rotating bezel ( THE BEZEL IS RED AND BLUE not black as it might appear – and it is perfect!!!! ................... …….and sweep second hand ….….. This is a SWISS made manual ETA movement made by a former manufacturer who made cases and parts for BREITLING among other well known watch companies.!!!! This is a 17 jewel movement that has also been used by other smaller watch companies before they were absorbed by larger companies in recent years….. The watch has a mil spec non-shatter acrylic crystal Although this watch keeps good time now and was never sold and never - it has had the SAME lubricant inside in place for many years………. So it is always best to plan to have it cleaned and timed by a watchmaker if you plan to use it rather than collect - . Made by O & W PRECISION - this is the EARLY BIRD model………….. When you buy this you are buying a piece of watch and world history - they are not made and there will be no more. Watch is sold as head ONLY – but I am NOW providing a NATO issue black BALLLISTIC nylon strap. The price direct is 598.00 as is ( if you wish it cleaned and timed email me and let me know) shipped insured in the US. Refer to item number EB-124 PLEASE READ THESE ARE ALMOST GONE - IF YOU WAIT YOU PAY A HIGHER PRICE ELSEWHERE.