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O & W Early Bird

O & W Early Bird
“M1002 EARLY-BIRD - A sturdy 17-jewel hand wound 24-hour army watch also used by US soldiers during the Vietnam war. 100% Swiss made. This is a quote taken from the manufacturer of this watch Ollech & Wajs of Switzerland ; who is sold out of these collectible pieces). Please note: O & W has NO more of these watches; This is the last source of NOS I know of, when they are gone they are GONE.

But the price is fair for a collectible and one well know mil site has them for 1625!!!!! Now the ones that remain will be sold as EITHER - 1 - AS IS or 2 - cleaned oiled, timed and new gaskets - your choice please indicate when emailing....... This watch has now achieved COLLECTIBLE STATUS – TRY to FIND ONE - they are scarce -This is NOS = new old stock - has been on the shelf almost 35-40 years from the original supplier - NEVER sold - unworn - history in a time capsule. This is a good size WATCH -------------- VIET NAM period as used in Viet Nam by American forces- made from 1967-1970….. This watch was purchased by many guys in Nam IN PLACE OF their own ISSUE watches (known as Mickey Mouse ) due to the EASY TO READ MILITARY NUMBERED DIAL FROM 1-24 HOURS ! had a friend in Nam who bought this watch (not this one) but, this one is NOT a watch that saw action - For more information you can see this watch in IMAI's book the Enclyclopedia of Military Watches or view it with a

description here:

*** SIZE: this is 37.5 mm in diameter------ and BIG 47.5 mm lug-to-lug – *********** B I G……….***SPECS: bi-directional rotating bezel ( THE BEZEL IS RED AND BLUE not black as it might appear – and it is perfect!!!! ................... …….and sweep second hand ….….. This is a SWISS made manual ETA movement made by a former manufacturer who made cases and parts for BREITLING among other well known watch companies.!!!! This is a 17 jewel movement that has also been used by other smaller watch companies before they were absorbed by larger companies in recent years….. The watch has a mil spec non-shatter acrylic crystal Although this watch keeps good time now and was never sold and never - it has had the SAME lubricant inside in place for many years………. So it is always best to plan to have it cleaned and timed by a watchmaker if you plan to use it rather than collect - . Made by O & W PRECISION - this is the EARLY BIRD model………….. When you buy this you are buying a piece of watch and world history - they are not made and there will be no more. Watch is sold as head ONLY – but I am NOW providing a NATO issue black BALLLISTIC nylon strap. For the price direct Please EMAIL for the as is price - there are no more left in the general marketplace and I have just 2-3( if you wish it cleaned and timed email me and let me know) shipped insured in the US. Refer to item number EB-124 PLEASE READ THESE ARE ALMOST GONE - IF YOU WAIT YOU PAY A HIGHER PRICE ELSEWHERE.