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Regimental straps

Regimental straps from the UK
These are straps that are not official - they are made at the request of a given regiment that submits a belt or horseblanket of the regimental colors and then the bands are made at the mates' expense. These have never been available before. I do not have all the names but am collecting them and if you recognize any please email me with you findings. ALL these straps are 18 mm ONLY except no 25 and 26 which are both 18mm and 20mm - these are not in continous production so buy while they are available. When they are gone the swatch will disappear from the chart. These are made by the same company that makes the official G10 Nato straps shown elswhere on this page to MOD specs and has a contract with the British force made in the UK. Refer to these as Regstrap and the number when ordering. In the US these are 20.50 + 3.50 shipping. IN England these sell for 2x this price + higher shipping in a smaller selection