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Rubber Bands

Divers Rubber Bands
These rubber bands are made in Switzerland not in Asia. They appear to be the exact band used on the Oris BC3and have an integral locking clasp for security for those who wish to dive and not worry ( check your spring bars please) They are new rubber with no logo on the clasp and fit nicely to any wrist of ANY size. They come in 18mm,20 mm and 22 mm lug size with integral clasp. The price on these changes with the market in SwFr and presently is 32.00. There is not a lot to say here the picture speaks for the reversible nature of the band and quality and if you want rubber nothing else will do. There is a 22mm model made in Italy also shown on this page as Pirelli-syle style for 32.00 And also the President Style all-rubber.