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Special Edition O & W Valjoux 7733 Fleiger-Pilot

Special Edition O & W Valjoux 7733 Fleiger-Pilot
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Product Description

There were only 60 of these made. So you can be sure I have one tucked away for myself, it is one of my favorites. The powerplant of this beauty is the Valjoux 7733, NOS, hard as can be to find and when found it costs a premium. The stainless case is also a nice beefy one to protect its cargo the 7733. This is the movement and watch type that Breitling made for years as the favorite of pilots and fliers who wanted a durable and reliable accurate manual watch; it did not let them down. The dial is the centerpiece of this watch, with its very attractive look, it is no-nonsense, easy to read, even for an aging set of eyes and it is Superluminova. Even the straight, very functional hands are there for one thing - to tell time NOW. The sweep chrono hand is easy to read and controlled by the pushers. With a screw down back and a tight friction fit crown typical of manual winds this is a "closed case".SIZE: the diameter w/o crown is 38 mm; the lug-to-lug is 40 mm and the height is 14.0 mm. This dial and presentation give one the familiar feeling that it has been worn for a long time, easy on the eyes and not flashy -it still commands people to look at it so do not buy if you are shy there may be explaining to do! Please understand if you are not sure about this watch do not buy it - it is not something I want going back n' forth. remember if you have bought from WCT before, you get TOP service with any watch. Please refer to item V-7733 when ordering and to do so email me direct please. This comes with either a croc or superb shark band in brown or black, your choice of course. Thank you.