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TSAR from Marathon NEW in government box - BIG - Tritium vial 2010

TSAR from Marathon NEW in government box - BIG - Tritium vial  2010
As far as I know this is the newest NASA issue watch and the first with Tritium vials!!! The GSA released the description and the NSN number NSN: 6645-20-001-9382 (NASA Diver's Contract) The other NSN number is that for SAR-tecs to whom this watch is issued by the Canadian government NSN: 6645-21-558-0133Q (Canadian SAR Contract)

IN stock today – This is not the mechanical SAR this is the TSAR watch or Tritium vial SAR with HI-grade swiss ISA high torque 1198 quartz movement accurate to 10 seconds per month – this may end up a collector’s watch. This is the SAR in workhorse condition accuracy, date window at 4:00, Comes with the rubber strap made in Switzerland a fine looking piece and all the Armor and heft you have come to expect from a SAR at a smaller price too.

Yes I have the bracelet for it as shown it is optional; and at extra cost . Once in a while someone outside the BIG 7 watchmakers makes a watch and it is worthwhile – this is such a watch. Although made by Marathon as Search And Rescue it seems the right Successor to the Nam Benrus Diver; not in looks but, coming into the 21st century of Armor, missiles and appearance. This is the Humvee of SAR watches built to take On daily assault.

The reason to buy it – to wear it is the action. It is HEAVY so you know it is on your wrist. To which Military and country armed forces it has been offered is not an issue – Armies go for cheap – What it is and how it performs is more the important aspect. I like the fact their were some minor glitches in 2001 year and they have been cleaned up now a 120 click bezel That means they want it to work right. See PHOTO –

This is a LARGE WATCH This has 20 mm lugs with drilled holes and weighs in at 93 grams. The crown is 6.5mm diam x 5.50mm long, deep knurled for a good grip even with gloves just like the bezel. But has a superb custom made bracelet ( which is extra) more scans available on request.

The Dial measures 27.7mm and utilizes Tritium vials for luminescence. The Crystal is sapphire - 2.8mm thick x 30.50mm diameter sitting in a Case made of 316L stainless steel. Bezel diameter is 41.0mm, Case Height is almost 14.0 Water resistance depth rating is 30 ATM . If you want a rugged watch look no further. The item no of this watch is TSAR 2010 the price is 475.00 + shipping email to order. Thank you.