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ZULU Airborne Maroon color - hard to beat great to wear

ZULU Airborne Maroon color - hard to beat great to wear

Product Description

This Zulu® band is not just another pretty face. This band is meant for REAL business. This is a band for ALL divers. The weave of this band is tight, but not scratchy or irritating to the skin. This is made from a ballistic form of nylon which is much heavier (and thicker) then Nato G10 bands. The band is ultrasonically welded so that there is NO fraying in the holes, at the ends, or at the sides. There is no patch - it's all sterile. Yes, wanted a band that would pass through the spring bars on a Submariner - WE listened and here it is.

Why Zulu®? Why not Waterb*rne?

Zulu® has matte no-glare NON-MAGNETIC stainless hardware throughout and is not galvanized. The strap is strong, but comfortable. The people we have had test it for daily use did not want to go back to a bracelet or leather. This band is great for SAR people, Law Enforcement, FD, Military and anyone who has to get their band wet or is often in adverse conditions. This is not a band for a Patek - this is not a dress band. This is a rugged no-nonsense work horse that will serve you well.

Airborne Maroon - This is the color of the British and some US Special Forces. As long as you need a color that serves to match the berets of Special Forces this wine color will serve you well. It also makes a great weekend color.